Instructions for Playing Partners when playing the card game BARE FOOT-N-WILD Card Games.
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The object of the game is to be the partnership with the highest score at the end of five Rounds.

MeldClean SetMELD

The meld need to start the round increases with each round played. Multiple sets or stacks can be used to accumulate enough meld to open the round.

  • ROUND ONE – 50 Points
  • ROUND TWO – 100 Points
  • ROUND THREE – 150 Points
  • ROUND FOUR – 200 Points
  • ROUND FIVE – 250 Points


Partners must sit opposite each other. Do a Bare Foot Shuffle and Cut For High Card.


The player to start Round one draws two cards. If player has Clean Sets and or Dirty Sets totaling 50 points or more, player may Meld by placing their Sets face up on the table. If the player does not have 50 points, player discards. Only one player in a partnership must Meld. All cards in the discard pile are dead and may not be used again unless all the cards in the draw pile have been used and then the discard pile is reshuffled. Play continues to player on the left. Each player will continue to draw cards to make new sets or play cards on their partner’s sets until all cards in his Hand have been played. A partnership may not have any of the same sets. Player must play their Numbered Cards on their own or their partner’s sets or stacks whether they are Clean Sets or Dirty Sets. When a player discards the last card in their Hand, player picks up their Foot but will not play until their next Turn. If player does not have a card to discard, player will pick up their Foot and continue to play.


If a partnership has obtained a Clean Stack and both players of the partnership are each playing their Foot, a player may want to end the Round. Player must first ask their partner aloud, “Are you Bare Foot?” If the partner’s response is yes, the asking player may discard his final card, provided it is not a Clothing Card and end the Round. The player must have a discard. It the partner’s response is no, the asking player must continue his or her Turn and not end the Round. If a partnership has started a Clothing Set, they must first have a Clothing Stack before ending the Round.


Player to the left of the player who started the previous Round starts the next Round. Rounds two thru five are repeated as in Round one.


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