Custom Designed Playing Cards are part of what makes BARE FOOT-N-WILD one of the most fun games for your family!
BARE FOOT-N-WILD, an exciting new family card game.
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Family Card Game
BARE FOOT-N-WILD, a family card game.
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Numbered CardsNumbered Cards are those cards numbered one through twelve. There are 16 (8 black and 8 gray) of each numbered card when playing with two, three, or four players and 24 (12 black and 12 gray) of each numbered card when playing with five or 6 players.

Three alike numbered cards are required to start a clean set or two alike numbered cards and one wild card to start a dirty set. Player or players continue to add numbered cards or wild cards to sets until they have accumulated seven cards in the set.

Cards numbered 1 thru 5 have a value of five points. Cards numbered 6 thru 10 have a value of ten points. 11s and 12s have a point value of twenty. We think the best way to remember the point value is to think of your own hands. Cards numbered 1 thru 5 can be counted on one hand and they are worth 5 points, cards numbered 6 thru 10 can be counted on two hands and are worth 10 points, and if you can’t count them on two hands (the 11s and 12s) then they are worth 20 points.

Once a player has seven cards in a set it becomes a stack. If there only numbered cards and no wild cards in the stack then it becomes a Clean Stack and the cards are placed in a stack with a gray numbered card on top signifying a Clean Stack. At the end of the round the player or partnership will be awarded 500 bonus points for each clean stack. If there is a combination of numbered cards and wild cards the stack then a black card is placed on top to signify a dirty stack and the player or partnership will be awarded 300 bonus points for each dirty stack at the end of the round.

Clean Set

Clean Stack

Clean Stack

Clean Set Clean Stack Clean Stack Closed Up
500 Bonus

Dirty Set

Dirty Stack

Dirty Stack

Dirty Set Dirty Stack A Dirty Stack B
300 Bonus

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