BARE FOOT-N-WILD Card Game Tips and Game Strategy to Winning the Game.
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TIP: When your partner ask, "Are you barefoot?" You are not permitted to say, "No I have a shoe and two socks." However, you are permitted to say, "No! No! No! or if you only have two clothing cards you may just want to say No! No!" We allow a friendly cheat when it comes to clothing cards. Every time

TIP: You can ask your partner anytime during the game, "Are you barefoot?" Keep this in mind if you are holding wild cards and your partner has just discarded their last card from their hand and picked up their foot. If they answer no, or no, no; then you may want to hold your wild cards to see if your partner can make clean or dirty stacks allowing you to play your wild cards more stragetically when it comes back to your turn.

TIP: If you have a clean stack in your hand you may not count the bonus points as part of your meld.

TIP: When playing two, three or four players there is only enough clothing cards cards for one palyer or one partnership to make a clothing stack. When playing with five or six players there is enough for two players or two partnerships to make a clothing stack.

TIP: When doing the Barefoot Shuffle make sure you get cards from all over the table. If you get cards from one general area, you're more likely to give your opponate good or alike cards which in turn will allow them have enough meld to get down and start the round.


Are you looking for card games for kids? BARE FOOT-N-WILD is good for kids from 12 to 112! Using strategy, math skills, communication with partners, and learning new card terms, this game appeals to the fun side of kids of all ages!

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