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I have been playing Barefoot-n-Wild since 1986.  I've played with my parents, brother, grandchildren, daughter, friends--all age groups; and every of them love the game.  I've just returned from a weekend with six girlfriends (all of us are in our 60's).  We travel together at least once a year for a long weekend usually to a luxury hotel.  Four years ago they asked me to bring my Barefoot-n-Wild game because they wanted to learn to play.  That was it; they loved it!  After that first weekend they all bought their own game and now when we travel we ALWAYS play Barefoot-n-Wild most of our waking hours.  We've often taken another game with us, but we play it once and come right back to Barefoot-n-Wild.  There is something about this game--it is addictive.  My grandchildren were seven when they started playing and I've played with folks in their eighties.  It is a great way for all ages to have great fun together.

Dorothy, Virginia Beach, Virginia

BARE FOOT-N-WILD is my idea of the perfect game.  It is fun, exciting and yet simple to learn.  It can be played by adults or children and is loved by all.  My granddaughter (age 9) learned to play when she was visiting from out of state and liked the game so much she took mine home with her.  Of course, I replaced it immediately.  If you like to play games, this is one you really should try.

Ann Clodfelter, Orlando, Florida

I've been playing Bare foot n' wild for more than 20 years. I've gone through several games over the years and I still love it as much now as I did the first day I played the game. It's one of those games you never get tired of playing. My kids grew up on the game and now my grand kids are starting to play the game. They love it! Thanks for bringing so much fun and family time into our lives.

Helen Mae, Cortland, Ohio

Bare foot and wild is the best card game I have ever played! I was visiting my sister in Canada and when she asked if I wanted to learn a new card game. I must say, I didn't really didn't want to play because I've never really liked playing cards. I'm so glad she pushed me into playing at least one game. I liked the game so much we played all night. I really like doing the barefoot shuffle. I was never good at shuffling cards and I felt a little self-conscious because I couldn't shuffle as well as others. Being able to do a barefoot shuffle certainly added even more fun to the game. As soon as I got back home I ordered 4 games. I ordered two for me, and two to give out as Christmas gifts. Good luck with the game.

Roger, Lexington Park, Maryland

Wow! Bare Foot n wild Rocks!!! I have most of my neighborhood hanging at my house. We have Bare foot n wild parties ever weekend. We even figured out a way to play with 8 of us at one time. It takes two games but it works.

Susan, Gainesville, Georgia

Barefoot and Wild is a great game!  My family and I were introduced to B&W this summer, and have not been able to put it down!  Most weekdays my nine year old daughter and I play it as a way for her to “unwind” after school, and family game night has new vigor as Barefoot and Wild has become our favorite game.  It’s easy to learn, yet challenging as the game progresses.  We love it.

Lynda Clinger, and Rachel too

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