The designer of BARE FOOT-N-WILD set out to create a new game that would someday be called the Best Card Game on the Market.
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Laurie K. Turnbeaugh is the original designer of BARE FOOT-N-WILD. She has always had a fondness of spending quality time with family and friends and has always been a big fan of cards and board games.

From as early as she can remember she has always enjoyed playing all kinds of card games. There are not many card games she hasn't played. Back in 1986 she set out to develope a new family card game that had been floating around in her head.

She liked the idea of playing with a hand and a foot and decided to include shoes and socks which she later called clothing cards. Wild cards were also introduced to the game to make it more exciting and because they are so important to the game, she made "wild" part of the game's name. The object of the game is to play your foot, get rid of all your clothing cards so you're barefoot, and play your wild cards in the most effective manner and at the same time, have a wild time while you're playing the game.

Barefoot ShuffleHer idea of the barefoot shuffle really makes players get involved in the game. Everyone shuffles; but, nobody deals. It makes players feel they have more control over the game. Trying to get the worst cards for your opponents is one of the best parts to this game.

When Laurie set out to develop BARE FOOT-N-WILD she was not aware of how many people didn't like shuffling cards. If you too don't like shuffling cards try a game of BARE FOOT-N-WILD a see if it's your new favorite card game.

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